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Pantanassa Icon

This wonder-working icon of the Most Holy Theotokos is a copy of a wooden icon, portable, painted in the XVII century and brought to Vatopedi monastery by Elder Ephraim’s community, who decided to establish themselves at Vatopedi after leaving Nea Skiti, in 1990. 

The icon is located on the left side of the iconostasis of the main church.

The first evidence that this icon has a particular gift was brought forth by the following event:

One day, a young man from Cyprus entered the church for devotion. While he was on his way to the icon, Elder Joseph observed that the face of the Theotokos from the icon started to shine, while the young boy was thrown on the ground. After he recovered, he confessed with tears that he was an unbeliever and that he was a wizard. Due to this miracle, he changed his life and became a fervent believer.

This icon has the particular gift to deliver people from the frighetening disease called cancer. Many cases of miracoulous healing have been recorded, after the reading of the Pantanassa Paraklisis.

Many miracles were noticed in Russia, after three copies of the icon had been brought, following Patriarch Alexei’s request. One was given to the Church of all the Saints in Crasnoe Selo Moscow, one to the Transfiguration monastery in Novospaski and the third one is in Valaam monastery.

Now we have two Pantanassa icons in Romania: one is at the Russian Church in Bucharest and the second is at Oasa Monastery in Alba district.

We encourage believers to come with faith and ask the help of these wonder-working icons, to ask for oil from the icon candel and to pray in front of the icon.


1. On 30.09.1990 Hieromonk Evdochim, the spiritual father of St. Dimitri’s skete, after he bowed in front of the icons, took place in his seat, in front of the Pantanassa icon. Suddenly, he saw rays of light coming from the icon. He asked the hieromonk beside him whether he observed the same. He answered that he did not see and the shining stopped. "Those rays have rejoiced my soul because after 60 years in the Holy Mount, the Theotokos made me worthy to see such a miracle” confessed father Evdochim.

2. At the Oncologic Hospital in Moscow an 8 years boy called Mihail, suffering of eye cancer, eas interned at Iacunin in Toliati. On the left of his bed there was a small copy of the Pantanassa icon. On 11.11.1991, while she was praying for the healing of her child, his mother saw light rays coming from the icon. After few days however, during a night vigil, the mother realized that the child’s heart ceased to beat. She ran to the nurse. While they were coming in, as darkness was in the room, they noted the light rays from the icon to the dead child. Immediately the child’s heart started to beat again. This case determined the Moscow Patriarchate to ask for two copies of the icon from the Vatopedi monastery.

3. Paul Ipaspistis from Drama, Greece, writes: "I visited the Vatopedi monastery in the summer of 1994. The monastery guide told us about the wonder-working icon Pantanassa, about it’s power to cure cancer; because my mother suffered from such a disease, a skin cancer, I prayed in front of the icon, promising that I will give my gold cross to it. I took vigil lamp oil from the icon in order to anoint my mother. After she did so, the cancer disapeared. When she went to the hospital for the treatment, they told her that there was no need anymore, because the tumour had disappeared. Ever since she has been completely cured.

4. On 18.03.1996 a woman told father Artemie Vladimirof, the priest of the Church of all the Saints in Crasnoe Selo Moscow – where one of the copies of Pantanassa icon is – a case happened in her family. For many years, her son used very strong drugs. All the attempts to stop him were in vain. One day, when the mother came back from the church, after she prayed in front of the Pantanassa icon, her son asked for holy water which had just been sanctified in the church, saying that he was determined to put an end to the drug addiction and he wanted to enter into a profession that would help drug addicts. After three months, the doctors observed complete healing and the absence of any drug substances. Afterwards, he took courses at the Oncologic Centre in Moscow.
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